LNU-MSU College of International Business

WebSite:    http://msu.lnnu.edu.cn

    Liaoning Normal University (LNU) and Missouri State University (MSU) created the LNU-MSU College of International Business (CIB) in 2000. Since then, LNU-MSU has warmly welcomed students from many nations all over the world including students from China, South Korea, Japan, Mongolia, Indonesia, the United States and many African nations. Most students enroll directly after high school; however, students of any age are eligible.

    Once enrolled, students have a few degree track options. The first two years of our program lead to an Associate of Arts (AA) degree in General Studies from Missouri State University. Students wishing to complete their Bachelor degree then have a two main of options. These students can either continue studying at Dalian for Bachelor of Science in General Business or they can go abroad to finish the last two years of study. For students with a 2.5 or higher GPA wishing to finish their Bachelor degree abroad for the last two years of study, Missouri State University, Springfield offers many other degree options including but not limited to Account, Finance, Marketing, Management, and Computer Information Systems. Upon completion of a Bachelor degree, exceptional scholars may also attend graduate school at the Springfield campus of Missouri State University to earn a Master of Business Administration (MBA) or any other Master degree.

    Missouri State University is a multi-campus university system whose purpose is to develop educated persons while focusing on five themes: professional education, health, business and economic development, creative arts, and science and the environment. In keeping with this purpose, the LNU-MSU College of International Business hires only faculty approved by both Liaoning Normal University and Missouri State University to ensure classes are taught by only the most qualified instructors, most of whom are from western countries. In addition to qualified, knowledgeable faculty, all courses are taught in English to provide the closest experience possible to a western college education in China.