School of Psychology

    With a profound history of the School of Psychology of Liaoning Normal University, the Teaching and Research Section of Educational Psychology School was established in 1982, and won the approval of the State Council to recruit Educational Psychology Major students of master degree. In1986, it got the right to award master degree to Educational Psychology students. Since 1987 it began to recruit undergraduates of Psychology Major. In 1998 it got the right to award doctoral degree to Development and Education Psychology Major. The Psychology School was the first to get the honor not only in Liaoning Normal University but also in the history of the three Northeast provinces. In 2001, the Department of Psychology was established. In 2002, Development and Education Psychology Major was elected as key discipline. In 2010, it  was approved as the Quality Promotion Plan Subject, which to enhance core competitiveness of colleges and universities in Liaoning province. In 2011, it was approved as the first level doctor degree authorization center. In 2012, the School of Psychology of Liaoning Normal University was formally established.
    Now in the School of Psychology of Liaoning Normal University there are a Psychology Postdoctoral Scientific Research Station, two research centers (the Psychology Development and Education Research Center of Liaoning Normal University and Mental Health Education Center of Liaoning Normal University), 4 research bases (the Key Research Base of Humanities and Social Science in Liaoning province, the Key Research Base of Education Scientific Research Planning in Liaoning province, the Key Laboratory of Psychology in Liaoning province and the Key Research Base of Humanities and Social Science in Dalian), 5 research institutes (Brain and Cognition Institute, Early Child Development and Education Psychology Research Institute, Special Children's Mental Development Institute, Safety Psychology Institute, Psychological Counseling and Intervention Institute).
    The School of Psychology of Liaoning Normal University now has two undergraduate majors, Psychology (normal) and Applied Psychology (normal), which are both included in the First Batch of Undergraduate Courses Segment B admission. Psychology Teaching Major is also the first specialty major and representative undergraduate teaching major, whose teaching community was awarded National Teaching Community (2010). Development Psychology courses were awarded National Excellent Courses (2009).
School of Psychology Liaoning Normal University has first level discipline of psychology doctor degree authorization centers, three secondary discipline authorization centers, three master degree authorization centers on Fundamental Psychology, Development and Education Psychology, Applied Psychology,and two professional degree authorization centers on Master of Education(Mental Health Education) and Applied Psychology. The academic research power is strong.
    School of Psychology of Liaoning Normal University, There are 32 staff members, among whom there are 28 professional teachers, including 15 professors 6 associate professors, 7 lecturers, 8 doctoral supervisors, 22 master supervisors and 4 teaching assistants; 21 people in full-time teachers and researchers have doctor degree.
School of Psychology has 30 years development and has obtained abundant achievement. It obtained the Key Project of National Social Science Fund, the National Social Science Fund Project and National Natural Science Fund Projects, such awards and honorary titles as Distinguished Professor of the Ministry of Education Yangtze River Scholars, National Famous Teachers, National Candidate of New Century Excellent Courses, the State Council Special Allowance (3 people), the first prize and the second prize of National Teaching Team, the National Excellent Courses, National Excellent Teaching Achievements, Second Prize of National Excellent Teaching Achievements, Second Prize of the Ministry of Education Humanities and Social Science, the first prize of Philosophy and Social Sciences of Liaoning Province Government for 3 items  (3 years in a row), Climbing Scholars in Liaoning province (3 people), Outstanding Experts in Liaoning province, General University Academic Leaders in Liaoning province, Distinguished Professor of Liaoning province, the National Advanced Worker, and National Model Teacher and so on. Excellent research achievements were reported by CCTV Discovery Trip Column (2007), CCTV Population Column (2010), CCTV Chinese (2011) and other media, which is of great influence home and abroad.