About LNNU

    Located in Dalian, a beautiful coastal city in northern China, Liaoning Normal University (LNNU) is one of the key institutions of higher learning in Liaoning Province. As the biggest leading teacher training institution in the province, it is recognized as bases of elementary and secondary teachers training, higher education teachers training, continuous education, educational science research and consultation and local economic and social development center.
    The university is the former Luda Teachers School founded in August 1951, one of the first teachers colleges in new China. It was renamed Dalian Teachers School in 1953 when seven teachers colleges in the Northeast merged into three. It developed into Dalian Teachers College in July 1958 and Liaoning Teachers College in 1960. In December 1983, it was renamed Liaoning Normal University.
    Over the past 62 years, the university has marched together with the motherland, developed with the times and striven to be Stronger. Over 200,000 students have graduated from LNNU, who have contributed significantly to the state and society. Generations of LNNU people adhere to the school motto of being a teacher model of virtue for others, implement CPC party's educational policy comprehensively and persevere in the socialist orientation. The university has contributed significantly to the reform and development of basic education in Liaoning Province. LNNU actively commits to modern teacher's education, and it also focuses on comprehensive and long-term development of the internationalization. The university emancipates the mind, seizes opportunities and deepens the reform. It has accumulated rich experience and formed the fine traditions of the school. LNNU's schooling strength grows significantly, and the various undertakings have developed smoothly and healthily.
    The total number of existing school staff is 1876 people, among whom 1150 people are full-time teachers, about 15,000 full-time undergraduates and more than 5,000 postgraduates. The university has strong faculty team, 1 professor awarded as "Changjiang Scholar" by Ministry of Education, 2 teachers awarded as New Century Excellent Talents in Ministry of Education, 3 teachers selected for New Century Talents Project of State, 24 teachers selected for Province Pacesetter Engineering in one hundred level and 27 teachers in one thousand level, 14 teachers obtained the Governmental Special Allowance of the State Council, 8 teachers awarded as Provincial Experts, 4 teachers awarded as Distinguished Professors, 3 teachers awarded as “Climbing Scholars”, 36 teachers awarded as Provincial Excellent Talents, 1 teacher awarded as Outstanding Contribution Expert in Dalian, 22 teachers awarded as Outstanding Experts in Dalian, 5 teachers obtained the Governmental Special Allowance of Dalian, 3 teachers selected for the first batch of Leading Talent Cultivation Project in Dalian and 6 teachers selected for the first batch of Leading Reserve Talented Person in Dalian.
    The university has two campuses ( Huanghe Road Campus and Western Hill Campus) in 22 schools and School of Graduate Studies. The university currently has 5 centers for post-doctoralstudies, 32 secondary disciplines entitled for conferring doctorate, 27 primary disciplines entitled for conferring master degree, 118 disciplines for mater degree, 11 specialties for master degree, 4 first-class characteristic discipline on provincial level(primary discipline), 9 key discipline on provincial level(secondary disciplines) .
    The university now offers 72 undergraduate programs(incluing 5 major orientations), 6 of which are special on the national level, 9 on the provincial level, 4 of which are provincial undergraduate comprehensive reform pilot major, 3 of which are provincial engineering education mode reform pilot major and 1 of which is province key support major. There is one excellent course on the national level, 16 on the provincial level, 4 excellent courses for graduate students and 12 excellent open video courses on the provincial level. There are 9 planned textbooks on the national level, 7 on the provincial level, 2   teaching teams on the national level, 7 on the provincial level, 1 renowned teacher on the national level, 13 on the provincial level, 5 academic leaders on the provincial level , 1 innovation zone of talent training on the provincial level, 7 most needed talent training bases,  2 achievement awards of basic education curriculum reform on the national level, and 5 on the provincial level, 1 education practices construction projects on the national level, and 5 on the provincial level, 17 entrepreneurship and innovation projects on the national level, and 60 on the provincial level, 2 teaching achievement prizes of higher education on the national level, and 51 on the provincial level. 2 teaching achievement prizes of basic education.
    The university has NDRC marine biopharmaceutical engineering technology research center. The university houses 7 provincial level key laboratories, 4 provincial level university key laboratories, 1 provincial engineering technology research center, 1 humanity and social science research base in the Ministry of Education, 6 key bases of humanity and social science, 9 research bases of  other types, 5 provincial level university innovation teams. There are 3 teachers awarded as New Century Excellent Talents of Ministry of Education of China, 43 University Excellent Talents awarded by the Department of Education in Liaoning Province. During the 11th Five-Year Plan period, the teaching staff have studied and finished 869 scientific research projects, and have published more than 400 books, 6701 academic articles, 579 of which are included in SCI, 100 in EI, ISTP, or SSCI and has got 297 patents approved and received 448 awards for scientific research.
    Laying great emphasis on exchange on global level, the university has established ties with 85 universities and research institutions in 16 countries and areas, including Italian Matteo Ricci and Martino Martini Study Center with University of Macerata, Omori Japanese Study and Research Center sponsored by Japanese International Exchange Center, LNU-MSU School of International Business, Film & Television Art College collaborated with Hong Kong and Japanese enterprises, LNNU Research and Development Center for Biopharmaceuticals collaborated with Ulster University of Britain, International professional School with HCC and 2 Confucius Institutes in Miami University and Milan University respectively.
    The university has won a series of awards such as Model of Construction and Ideological and Political Work, Juvenile Education, Social Practice, and  Juvenile Delinquency Research. It is one of the first modeling universities of national standardization of language and words, excellent group of language and words, national excellent Putonghua testing center. LNNU has been rated as the best advanced units in ideological and political work, school roll management, university student mental health education and has got many other awards on provincial and municipal levels.
Last Edited on  9/10/2014