Overview of International Exchanges

    The Office of International Exchanges (OIE) oversees the planning of Liaoning Normal University’s International relations by attending to a broad range of responsibilities.
    OIE executes the university's policies regarding international affairs and coordinates international academic exchanges as well. The office is also responsible for hosting foreign experts at the university, recruiting LNNU students to study abroad, and coordinating foreign students to their assigned departments.
    After years of efforts, LNNU has already established cooperative ties with 72 universities and research institutions in 15 countries around the world among which are some of the top universities in the U.S, Italy, U.K., Russia, Canada, Japan, Korea, etc.
    The collaborative program between Missouri State University and Liaoning Normal University, the College of International Business has been running for ten years and has made itself a successful example of a Sino-overseas joint educational program in Northeast China. With the joint efforts of LNNU and Miami University, U.S., the Confucius Institute at Miami University was founded in 2007. Then in 2009, LNNU set up its second Confucius Institute at the University of Milan, which is one of the top universities in Italy. With these two Confucius Institutes as platforms, more and more substantial collaborations have been initiated between LNNU and the two universities.
    In past decades, student exchange programs between LNNU and its overseas collaborative universities have witnessed a significant growth. The 2+2 undergraduate program with     Indiana State University and Emporia University, the 1+2 graduate program with Miami University, and 1+1+1 graduate program with Indiana State University offer study- abroad opportunities and hundreds of LNNU students have benefitted from these programs. Close ties with universities in Japan, Russia, Korea, etc. also provide both the students and the faculty of LNNU with convenient and practical opportunities to study, teach and research in those universities.
    So far, LNNU has received and hosted more than a thousand visiting scholars and experts while sending its faculty and staff to teach and to research abroad in the past two decades. Meanwhile, the joint academic research conducted by LNNU faculty and foreign experts contributed enormously to the fame of the school and the active academic atmosphere.