Liaoning Normal University (LNNU) is the former Luda Teachers School founded in August 1951, one of the first teachers colleges in new China. It was renamed Dalian Teachers School in 1953 and developed into Dalian Teachers College in July 1958 and Liaoning Teachers College in 1960. By December 1983 when it was renamed Liaoning Normal University, it had grown into a key comprehensive education institution with 11 departments (13 majors). The government set strategy for the university to develop into a center for teacher training, education research and high education training. Currently it has 21 schools, colleges and a graduate school with 5 post-doctoral research stations, 32 secondary disciplines entitled for conferring doctorate, 27 primary disciplines entitled for conferring master degree, 118 disciplines for mater degree, specialties for master degree, 1 primary discipline on provincial level, 15 secondary disciplines on provincial level, 1 provincial key incubator discipline, 7 provincial level key laboratories, 5 provincial level university innovation team, 6 key bases of humanity and social science.
    The university has developed into the biggest leading teacher training institution in the province, recognized as a base of elementary and secondary teacher training and continuous education, educational science research and consultation, higher education teacher training and local economic and social development, greatly contributing to education development and reform in the province and to the construction of local economy and social progress.