School of Education (Tianjiabing Academy)

    The School of Education was first organized as an Education Teaching and Research section in 1951. With the development in the following 30 years, in 1982 the School of Education of Liaoning Normal University was founded. In that year it began to recruit undergraduate and graduate students. In 1996 it was renamed as School of Educational Science, and in 2003 School of Education of Liaoning Normal University was renamed as Tianjiabing Education School.
    In the school now there are Pedagogy Department, Preschool Education Department, Special Education Department and Teaching and Research Section of Public Pedagogy. There are also the Ministry of Education’s Foundation Course Study Center at Liaoning Normal University, Pedagogical Post-doctoral mobile work stations, Institute of Education Science of Liaoning Normal University, School Moral Education Research Center which is a key discipline of Humanities and Social Sciences in Liaoning Province and an innovation team in Liaoning, International Comparative Education Research Institute, Special Education and Rehabilitation Center, Institute of Education Economics and Management, Female Study Center, Multimedia Teaching Experiment Center and many other research institutions in this school. The school also founded Education Information Center, Northeastern China Special Education Information Center and Educational Science magazine.
     Now in the school there are three undergraduate majors: Pedagogy, Special Education, Pre-school Education. They are all listed in the first batch of undergraduate enrollment, Section B. The Pedagogy major is the first characteristics major in Ministry of Education and pilot major of undergraduate education in Liaoning Province with the teacher team titled national level. The Course of Pedagogy Principles is honored both as key discipline in fields and humanities and social sciences key discipline in Liaoning Province. The key courses in school are Comparative Pedagogy, Pre-school Pedagogy, Educational Economics and Management.
    The school now can award one first level discipline doctoral degree , 10 second level doctoral degrees and 10 master degrees, which contains disciplines of Pedagogy Principles, Curriculum and Teaching Methodology, Education History, Comparative Pedagogy, Pre-school Pedagogy, Higher Pedagogy, Adult Pedagogy, Pedagogy of Vocational Technology, Special Education, and Educational Economics and Management. The school can also award 2 specialized master degrees: the Education Master Degree which includes Management of Education, Primary School Education, Pre-school Education and Special Education, the master degree of Public Services Management in educational administration.
    Now in the school there are 34 teaching and administrative staff, among whom 27 people are professional teachers: 13 professors, 11 associate professors, 3 lecturers. There are 7 doctoral supervisors and 26 master supervisors. 85% teachers have doctor’s degree. Of all the teachers, one person is awarded National Excellent Teacher; one is a state council allowance winner; one is a provincial level outstanding expert; and 3 are provincial outstanding teachers. Now there are 384 undergraduate students, 35 graduate students working on doctor’s degree, and 269 graduate students working on their master’s degree in the school.
    In recent years, all the teachers have published more than 60 academic monographs and more than 1000 papers on academic periodicals such as Seeking Truth and Education Study. The staff preside over more than 30 research programs issued by the state and the Ministry of Education, and more than 50 research programs issued by Liaoning Province. They also work on 60 other research programs. The education school has strong power of academic research. 
    The school creates the first-class achievement in discipline construction, scientific research, teaching reform, teachers troop construction, talent cultivation and social service, making the overall development of the school level in the forefront of similar departments of provincial normal universities. In Liaoning Normal University it was the first to realize the breakthrough of zero doctoral degree and postdoctoral work station; it was the first to be awarded the first prize of National Excellent Teaching Achievements; it was the first to be approved by the Ministry of Education of the first 100 state-level teaching team. First kind of specialty major was approved by the national institutions of higher education. It was the first school to recruit disable students in Special Professional Education Major, and the film We Cannot Live without You and the TV drama Joint Fleet spread Liaoning Normal University’s reputation far across the country. China Education Daily took The Developmental Road of a Local School and The Combination of Education with Teaching to Realize Classroom Interactive Practice as the title to affirm the achievements of the institute.
    “Lit the young dream with the torch of civilization; with one hundred times efforts to create the brilliant future” is the motto of this school, which shows the school teachers’ and students’ lofty pursuit of higher goals and ambitions.