School of Marxism

    School of Marxism (Politics and Administration Institute) of Liaoning Normal University has set “ three departments and one section”, that is, Department of Ideological and Political Education, Department of Political Science and  Administration, Administrative Department and Course Teaching and Research Department of Public and Political Theory. The school has also set Taiwan Research Institute, Institute of Contemporary Chinese Politics, Daisaku Ikeda Institute for the Culture of Peace, the Research Center for Marxist Theory and Ideological and Political Education of Liaoning Province, the Research Center for Deng Xiaoping Theory of Liaoning Province, Dalian Research for Marxism-Leninism and Mao Zedong Thought, the Research Center for Ethics and other teaching and research institutions.
    The School has awarded 4 secondary discipline doctorates: Basic Principle of Marxism, Marxism Sinicization Research, Education for Politics and Ideology and the History of the Communist Party of China; it also has awarded 2 first-level discipline master’s degree: the Theory of Marxism and the Science for Politics; 15 secondary discipline master’s degree are awarded: the Theory for Politics, the History of the Communist Party of China, Basic Principles of Marxism, Marxism Sinicization Research, the Science for Ethics, Curriculum and Teaching (Ideology and Politics) and so on; 2 professional master’s degrees are granted: MPA( Public Administration) and Subject Instruction( Ideology and Politics); and the Doctoral Research Center for Marxism Theory. The school has the key research base for Humanities and Social Sciences in Liaoning Province—the research base for Marxist Theory and Ideological and Political Education, the innovation team in Liaoning Province—the Study for Marxism Sinicization, and two key disciplines in Liaoning Province—Basic Principles of Marxism and Education for Ideology and Politics.
    There are 57 people on the staff, and among these people there are 51 full-time teachers, 6 administrative and assistant teachers. Among full-time teachers, there are 15 professors, 23 associate professors, 13 lecturers. Of all the teachers, there are 44 teachers who have obtained a master’s degree or a higher one, including 26 people who has got a doctor’s degree or been studying for a Ph.D. The school now has 571 undergraduates, 310 postgraduates and 36 PhD students.
There are three undergraduate programs in the school, namely the Ideological and Political Education, the Administrative Management, and Political Science and Public Administration. The Ideological and Political Education major becomes a national characteristic major, and demonstration major in Liaoning province. The school reforms unceasingly the teaching contents and teaching methods in accordance with talent training mode of wide base, high quality, special skills, and wide adaptation, which embrace cultivation of the students’ innovation spirit and comprehensive ability.
    In recent years, the school teachers got five national social science funds, one national special fund, eight social science fund of the Ministry of Education. They published more than 700 papers in Provincial journals, of which more than 30 are reprinted by Xinhua's Digest and the Journal Copy of Renmin University of China. 16 papers won at or above the provincial level outstanding papers. In the 42 published academic monographs, 8 were rewarded as Excellent Social Science Works in Liaoning province.
Our school pays attention to the staffs’ Party construction and ideological work, and also to practicing teaching in order to build a harmonious school. The school organized teachers to survey the typical case of socialist new rural construction, the Huaxi Village for several times. They also visited the cradle of revolution Jinggang Mountain and the turning point of revolution, the former site of Zunyi. After the visiting, the school also gave exhibitions and lectures to combine theories with practice. This improves the teachers’ ideological awareness and deepens the understanding of the sinicization of Marxism, especially, the theories of socialism with Chinese characteristics.
    Our school attaches great importance to the foreign exchange and cooperation and has invited well-known overseas scholars to give lectures to the students, including the experts from Russia and Japan. School teachers has been to Japan, North Korea, Russia, Italy, Britain and many other countries to make an academic visit or study and our school also send students to study in Japan Fukuoka University of Education and Oita University every year. The school performs well in discipline construction, teaching reform, scientific research, the construction of teaching group, cultivation of talents and social services. The school is evaluated many times as “Advanced Subjects Construction Unit”. In 2009 the school won the award for the “San Yu Ren” advanced Unit in Dalian.