School of Law

    School of Law, formerly the law major of Department of Political Science in Liaoning Normal University, established in 1987, is one of the earliest non-moral majors of our school, which is also one of the earliest law majors in normal universities approved by Ministry of Education in the whole country. Over 22 years more than 1,900 students have graduated from our School of Law until July 2013. Politics and Law Department and Marxist-Leninist Department merged into School of Politics and Law in the year 2000, which included the Faculty of Law. It became independent  School of Law in 2003. Now there is one undergraduate major:law major. At present, our Law School owns 7 teaching and research sections (Teaching and Research Sections of Theoretical Law, Administrative & constitutional law, Criminal Law, Civil & Commercial law, Procedural Law, Economic Law and International Law) and 2 research institutes(Law Education and Juvenile Law Institute). Besides, the Secretariat of Liaoning Law Society’s Jurisprudence Research Association is also in this school. In addition, school also has some other research facilities, including reference room, computer room, multimedia classroom, criminal investigation technology laboratory and moot court. Two decades of efforts have resulted in an outstanding teacher team that has rational structure and powerful teaching and research level in our province. Now we have 30 professional teachers, including 7 professors, 11 associate professors, 11 lecturers, and the teachers who are PhD candidates or already have doctorate accounted for 60% of the total number of our teachers.
    School of Law adheres to the multi-level education and attaches great importance to the discipline construction. Since 1994, the law major has recruited postgraduate students of Chinese Social Law Construction in the major of the Scientific Socialism and International Communism Movement, then conferred them master’s degree in law.  From 2004, law school recruits postgraduate students for Law Education and Teaching Theory and conferred them master's degree in Education. In 2005, law school was approved of master program of Law Theory. In March 2011, first level discipline master of law was approved, including  the following secondary disciplines: Law Theory, Constitution and Administration Law, Civil and Commercial Law, Law History, Criminal Law, Economic Law, Procedural Law, International Law, Environment Law, Labor Law, Military Law. There is a Marxism Jurisprudence Research Direction in Theory of Marxism Major, which recruits doctoral students and will award them degree of Doctor of Laws. For decades, law school has made a point of education and persisted in reform and development. With tenacity and diligence, law school formed a complete system of undergraduate and graduate students’ education.
Law school attaches great importance to the teaching work and the development of quality education. In addition, school pays attention to cultivate the students' research and practical ability, and actively carry out the teaching reform. Our school not only brings cultivation of the students' ability into the undergraduate training plan and teaching plan, but also implements them in very steps of teaching. Besides multi-media classes, bilingual courses, research classes, our law school starts many new teaching modes including moot court and law clinic according to the characteristics of the major of law.
    During the period of school, some students begin to publish papers in academic journals such as Chinese Law and Journal of Liaoning Normal University, and some papers were awarded the prize of National Excellent Essays.  Characterized by practical teaching, law school was selected as Law Practice Teaching Team in Liaoning Province. “The Teaching Methodology of Comprehensive Practical Teaching of Law” won the second prize of the Education Reform Achievement Prize. Over the years, the school has built stable relationship with the public security, some other relevant state organs, enterprises, institutions and communities. Through the probation bases built in 12 units and Dalian volunteer service station for workers and "Law Service Supermarket" in community, our school change Closed-end teaching into open teaching. Graduates from our school can quickly adapt themselves to the new working environment and can be competent for their works. They become the backbones at work, some of which become model workers of province or city. Some of them become model judges nationwide, excellent judges and model workers in city and province scale. Law School educated many high-level professionals of law for our country .
    School of Law values highly of the scientific research work of teachers and it encourages teachers to do more outstanding achievements in the high quality.  School teachers have chaired or participated in eight national social science fund projects, and presided over 5 research projects of education, 6 projects of Ministry of Justice and more than 50 provincial projects. Our school attaches great importance to academic exchanges, which has invited well-known domestic and foreign scholars to give lectures in our school. Teachers of our school have been to countries such as Japan, the United States to give lectures or study. All colleagues of the law school wholeheartedly committed to the cultivation of the talents of law and law science research. Adhering to the school motto “Using good virtue to save the world and understanding law with broad knowledge”, our school keeps the pioneering and practical spirit, and we are willing to make contributions to China's legal education and construction of our country's socialism government ruled by law.