School of History Culture and Tourism

    School of Historical Culture and Tourism, the former  Department of Polity and History organized in 1974, was organized  in 2003. In 1980, the History Department was organized on the basis of the History Major. In 1984, the Major of Library was organized, which is now merged into the School of Management. In 1992, the History Department started Tourism Management Major and it was renamed as School of Tourism Management in May 1996. It was formally renamed as School of Historical Culture and Tourism in May 2003. In 2005, the Museum Major was opened. Now in our school there are 48 teachers including 41 professional teachers: 9 professors , 16 associate professors, 16 lecturers, 3 doctoral supervisors, 25 master's tutors and 20 teachers with PhD. There are 4 people who are studying for their PhD and 19 teachers who are studying for master's degree.
    Thanks to generations of scholars, our school has already had complete teaching system, including History Department, Tourism Department and Archeology Department. From 1988, our school started to recruit postgraduates. Now, our school has the right to confer PhD of Chinese History, and to confer the Master's Degree of 11 majors, including Specialized History, Chinese Traditional History, Modern History of China, the Study of Historical Documents, Chinese Contemporary History, World History, Historical Geography, Historical Theory, Archaeology and Museology, Tourism Management and Curriculum and Teaching Methodology. Our school can award Bachelor’s Degree of Tourism Management Major. From 2002, our school started to recruit education postgraduates and the part-time graduates, those teachers who already have jobs. Our school has 1 provincial preponderant discipline (Ancient Chinese History), 2 Provincial key construction disciplines ( the Study of Liao and Jin History and History of Ming and Qing Dynasties), 1 provincial key research base(Research Center of History of Liaohai and Tourism Culture), 1 Provincial Personnel Training Base,1  Provincial Excellent Teaching Team(Ancient Chinese History), 1 provincial characteristic discipline for demonstration (Ancient Chinese History), and 1 provincial key laboratory (lab of Ancient Chinese History). There are 1500 students of all kinds of majors in our school now. 
    Our school always takes scientific research as the basis of developing school. In addition to teaching and research sections which belong to the every major, there are a number of regional and interdisciplinary research institutions with professional characteristics. Since 2000, our school has undertaken more than 10 projects from country and the Ministry of Education, undertaken more than 40 projects in Liaoning province. The achievements of Teachers' scientific research are rich. In 30 years, the teachers have published 200 monographs and textbook, thousands of papers. Some results obtained outstanding achievement provincially and nationwide. A batch of influential academic leaders and middle-aged and young academic backbones spring up at home and abroad.
    For 30 years, the School of Historical Culture and Tourism has achieved a lot and sent more than 5000 graduates to the society. They are working hard in education, scientific research, the party and government organs and tourism industry outstandingly, and won the honor for work unit and the mother school contribute their talents for more construction of our motherland .