School of Computer Science and Information Technology

    School of Computer and Information Technology was founded in 2000. It was merger of the Department of Computer Science which was founded in 1986 and the Department of Education Technology which was founded in 1987. It is located in the Western Hills Campus of Liaoning Normal University. The School sets up five departments and 1 teaching and research section. There are 7 majors in the undergraduate courses: Computer Science and Technology, Computer Science and Technology (education), Computer Science and Technology (cartoon and game software), Computer Science and Technology ( intensified Japanese), Education Technology, Electronic Information Engineering (radio and television), and Digital Media Art. There is one first grade postgraduate station for Computer Science and Technology Master's Degree Program and one first grade postgraduate station for Software Engineering. There is a secondary postgraduate station for Education Technology and the Professional Master’s Degree Station for Modern Education Technology and the master degree station for computer science and technology. Our school has 81 teachers including 7 distinguished professors, 13 professors, 16 associate professor, 36 lecturers. Most of the teachers are masters or doctorates graduated from Beijing University, Nanjing University, Jilin University, Nankai University, Communication University of China, Dalian University of Technology, Northeast Normal University and other key universities and Chinese Academy of Sciences .  
    The teaching and experimental facilities are advanced, which houses the largest experimental facilities in the university , including computer lab, microteaching lab, modern education technology laboratory, video encoding laboratories, computer hardware laboratories, computer Labs, network laboratory, as well as other professional laboratories:  the "multimedia technology", "image processing and digital printing", "cartoon  and game", "parallel computing", "network education", and. Computer Science and Technology (education) Major had been approved as the national characteristic specialty station. The Education Technology Major was approved as the reform pilot of the undergraduate courses in Liaoning province. The Computer Science and Technology and Electronic Information Engineering Department were approved as Engineering Personnel Training Mode Reform Pilot in Liaoning province in 2012. The school also takes care of computer basis teaching of non-computer majors in the whole university. For more than 20 years, each major of the school cultivates a large number of qualified personnel for the society.  The Computer Science and Technology Department obtains the fourth excellent grades of comprehensive evaluation of undergraduate majors in Liaoning province in 2012.
    The Computer Application Technology Department was approved the key discipline of tertiary schools in Liaoning province in 2008. The major academic research direction is for the multimedia technology, information security, graphics, intelligent computing, image processing, parallel computing, modern education technology and digital learning. There are Computer Application Research Institute and Institute of Software and Information Education Research Center. In recent 5 years, the school has carried out 7 National Natural Science Fund Projects, 12 Provincial Science and Technology Fund Projects, 33 open Fund projects of the state key laboratory and the Municipal Science and Technology Fund Projects, 12 horizontal Projects. The teachers have published more than 500 academic papers, among which 100 pieces were recorded by SCI, EI retrieval. The teachers have published 38 academic monographs and textbooks. The school also gets more than 20 provincial, municipal scientific and technological achievements award. Image processing and digital printing laboratory of ultra width inkjet printer technology have realized the industrialization. Part of the products enter the international markets, which have achieved good economic and social benefits.
    The School strengthens the cooperation with enterprises, cultivating talents for the society. The “Software Outsourcing Project Practice Education Base” in collaboration with Dalian Huaxin Computer Technology co. Ltd. has been approved by Liaoning province as the practice base for school students. There are also other projects such as, the “Enterprise Talent Orientation Training Base” Projects in collaboration with Dalian Neusoft Company, the "NEC - Embedded System of Liaoning Normal University” project in collaboration with the Japan Electronic (China) Company, the "AVID Training Center" in collaboration with the U.S. media equipment manufacturer AVID company and the Scientific Information Personnel Training Base in collaboration with Hong Kong Scientific Information Company.