School of Mathematies

    The predecessor of the School of Mathematics is the Department of Mathematics, which was founded in 1951. It is one of the first enrollment majors during the beginning of this university. It witnessed the university's merger, expansion, renaming and the development of the whole process. It has experienced the hardships and the joy of the university 's early days during the developing time. After the unremitting efforts of several generations, with the development and the enhance of the comprehensive strength of our college ,our institute has now developed into a secondary institute with complete disciplines , high school level, and better school conditions. In 2003, Department of Mathematics was renamed the School of Mathematics. During the past 60 years, it has trained more than eighty qualified personnel for the society, and now it has become a training base for primary and junior high school teachers.
    Our school now has more than 3000 square meters of office space, one accounting simulation room, one Information and Computing Science Laboratory, one Mathematics laboratory, one Financial Mathematics Laboratory(Central and Local Co-construction)with a total  area of ​​316 square meters and  has more than 200 computers. The institute has one 147-meter2 Library Reference Room which has 11300 books including 80 kinds of Chinese Periodicals and 7 kinds of foreign Periodicals. When the School of Mathematics was first founded, it only has two majors which are Mathematics and Application of Mathematics, and this major was approved as a Professional Model Construction Major in Liaoning Province in 2009 and approved as National Specialty Construction Major in 2010. They are all listed in the first batch of undergraduate enrollment, Segment B.  We rely on this major and enhance the professional field. The Accounting Major was founded in 1993. Financial Mathematics Major was founded in 2000, Information and Computer Science Major was founded in 2001. Now, the professional setting, school size, or school conditions and teacher have been considerably developed. Now there are three departments of the School of Mathematics: Mathematics, Information and Computer Science and Accounting. There are three undergraduate majors: Mathematics and Application of Mathematics (normal major and financial mathematics), Accounting and Information and Computer Science. Our annual enrollment is about 200 students, there are more than 900 undergraduate students now.
    In the construction of disciplines, the School of Mathematics plays an important role. The discipline leaders of History of Science( the original Natural Science History) of 1981 and Curriculum and Teaching Methodology in 1986 are from School of Mathematics. It has greatly enhanced the development of our college. We began to recruit Basic Mathematics and Applied Mathematics graduates from 1992 and 2000 respectively. It was approved first level mathematical master station in 2005, including five secondary master stations(Basic Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Computational Mathematics, Operational Research and Cybernetics, Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics), and also master stations of History of Science and Technology and Curriculum and Teaching Methodology. We recruit nearly 100 graduate students each year and now there are nearly 300 graduates. From 2009 we began to recruit professional degree students. Our institute was licensed Industrial and Commercial Management Discipline master station, which will greatly promote the development of the accounting profession.
    School of Mathematics now has a staff of 59 people, among whom there are 14 professors and 21 associate professors, 20 people with PhD, 5 pursuing PHD and 25 Master Instructors. Three people are listed in the "one hundred people level" of Liaoning Provincial "Hundred, Thousand and Ten Thousand Talents Project" and there is a Famous Teacher in Liaoning province. Twenty people went to the United States, Britain, Singapore, Japan, South Korea and Hong Kong for academic communication. Our school hosted 3 National Natural Science Fund Project, a Ministry of Education project and 17 projects of Liaoning province. During the past five years, we have completed a number of national and provincial researches, and published 471 papers on important domestic and international academic journals. 81 of them have been retrieved in SCI. In 2005, the School of Mathematics was selected as the "Three Education" Advanced Units in Dalian city. The Party Branch in our school was awarded University Advanced Party Branch.