School of Music

    School of Music of Liaoning Normal University was founded in 1990, through staggered development of Department of Art, Department of Music, and later School of Music. Adhering to the "virtue ethics" is the fundamental idea of university education, with our education resource configuration optimization, expanding scale of higher education, the education level improvement year by year. Our school achieves a historic breakthrough, which had formed a complete undergraduate and graduate academic teaching and scientific research system. Its master's degree program is "Music and Dance", first level of discipline which recruits graduate students in such majors as Music, Vocal Music, Piano, Chorus Director, Technical Theory, Choreography, and many other directions. Student enrollment has risen steadily. There are nearly five hundred undergraduate students and 100graduate students. Truth, good and beauty is the ultimate pursuit of artistic spirit and aesthetic education, and the essence of music education, is the core of personality education connotation, is our teachers’ and students’ cultural appeal. More than 20 years of hard work have paid off. Our outstanding graduates are all over the country. Many students continue to further study and work in the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea and other countries. At present, our teacher resources are rich. Among the professional teachers, those with senior titles have accounted for more than a half. Vast majority of the teachers are middle-aged and young teachers, as the backbone college, more than half of whom have graduate student degree. The proportion of teachers with PhD and master's degree increases year by year. Full-time teachers all graduated from major colleges of music and famous universities home and abroad. In addition to the normal teaching, teachers take an active part in various art activities, in cities and provinces and held seminars. They also have art and academic communication with the United States, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia and other countries, which has social impact and win reputation for ours school. Our school now has the Department of Music (music education, the international music culture), Music Performance, and Performance (vocal and instrumental music), Actuarial-oriented Dance Department, Graduate Department, Music Theory Teaching and Research Section, Art Practice Department, Southern Liaoning Music Dance Art Institute and other teaching branches. The Curricula are diversified and systematized. We stick to the principle of combining classroom teaching principle with practice, and the long-term cooperation with related units outside, which has set up multiple teaching practice base.
    Our hardware facilities are perfect, the building area is 7530 square meters. There are more than 180 piano rooms. We have advanced equipment, supporting reasonable multimedia classroom, instrumental music teaching room, dance teaching room, body-shaping training classroom, computer music studio, audio-visual appreciation room, recording studios and concert hall. These high quality music equipment is the guarantee for the development of the discipline.
    Tenet: pay attention to the comprehensive ability and humanistic quality education, pay attention to develop students' innovative ability and artistic activities and social practice ability.
    Characteristics: based on humanities resources and the environment comprehensive advantages in Liaoning Normal University, with professional music education as the main point, our school highlights, widens and deepens the construction and connotation construction to adapt to the new culture of this era and market demand of characteristic specialized subject.
    Key point of development: talents that engaged in primary and secondary school music education, research and management; talents engaged in social enterprises and institutions of cultural activities and practical art training; talents that engaged in the communication of musical culture activities.