School of Physics and Electronic Technology

    The predecessor of the School of Physics and Electronic Technology, Liaoning Normal University, is the Physics Branch in Lvda Three-year Normal College. Physics branch was founded in August 1951, which was one of the first departments with the beginning of college, and it was located in present Dalian’s No.13 Middle School. In 1953, the school changed its name to Dalian three-year Normal College and physics branch moved to the original site Youjiacun. In 1957, Physics Branch recruited four-year undergraduates for the first time. In the same year, Physics Branch changed to the Physics Department, which had lasted until 2003. In 1958, the college was expanded into Dalian Normal College and moved to the present site Huanghe Road. Department of Physics, Mathematics and Geography together moved to the old site of the present College Tian Jiabing Building, sharing one building. In 1959, the Physics Department moved to a new physics building whose address is the old site of the present physicochemical building. In 1960, the school changed its name to the Liaoning Normal College, which was changed to the Liaoning Normal University in December 1983. In September 2003, the Physics Department was renamed the School of Physics and Electronic Technology. With the scale of running school constantly expanding, the university has built the physicochemical building in the original site of Physics Building. In September 2007, the School of Physics and Electronic Technology moved into the present Physicochemical Building whose total usable area is 5600 square meters.
    Between 1951 and 1957, the original Physics Branch opened the short-term physics training and opened two-year college education in physics after that. In 1957, Undergraduate Physics was set up. In 1991, Electronic Information Engineering was added. In 2001, the Electronic Science and Technology was added. At present, the school owns in-service staff 62 people and among of the 47 full-time faculty teachers, there are 12 professors, 14 associate professors, 21 lecturers and 21 teachers who have the doctor’s degree. 34 people are master tutors and 9 are doctoral supervisors. The number of full-time undergraduates is 626. We have 240 graduate students working on their master and doctoral degrees. The school opens Department of Physics and Electronic Engineering. The school has three undergraduate programs including Physics, Electronic Information Engineering, Electronic Science and Technology. Physics has recruited the first batch of undergraduate students, Segment B. The Theoretical Physics is the key (cultivation) discipline of Liaoning Province and the advantageous characteristic key discipline. The Laboratory of Optoelectronic Materials and Technology is the provincial key laboratory. The Team of Particle Physics and High Energy Experimental Analysis is the innovative team of scientific research in Liaoning province. The Center of Experiment is the provincial teaching demonstration center.  Our school has doctor sections, master sections for the first-grade discipline physics and the master sections of Theory of Curriculum and Teaching Methodology (physics). With 2275 units (items)  of experimental equipments for teaching and scientific research, the laboratory’s total area is 4353 square meters and it has over 30 units (sets) of large instruments whose total value is 8.79 million Yuan for teaching and scientific research.
    School has cultivated more than six thousand undergraduates and three-year students, 265 master and hundreds of teachers for in-service training, thousands of correspondent and evening college students on behalf of the institutions of higher learning. The school emerges a large number of excellent graduates talents who make outstanding contributions in their respective positions in fields of management, education, scientific research and so on. School pays attention to the construction of study style and the cultivation of students’ innovative and practical ability. Between 2003 and 2009, 94 undergraduates took part in the Competition of National Electronic Design and respectively won the first, second and third prize in Liaoning province, especially six people won the National Second Prize and the Special Award of Liaoning province in 2009. Between 2004 and 2010, 36 undergraduates participated in the National Mathematical Modeling Competition and they all won prizes. 10 undergraduates took part in the competition of the First National Middle School Physics Teaching Skill and all won the first prize. In 2010, 7 undergraduates participated in this competition and six of them won the first prize. ASTRI rate of undergraduates is increasing year by year. In 2010, ASTRI rate of the school undergraduates reached 48%, which became the best result in history. The employment rate of students has maintained a higher level. The employment rate was 97.58% in 2004 and it reached 99.07% in 2010. The school successively has been named the Advanced Unit of Employment Work for the last three years.
    In nearly ten years, the school teachers have published 564 academic theses and 289 theses were included in SCI. The school won 31 items in all kinds of scientific research prizes on the provincial and municipal level. They have published 14 monographs and textbooks and 53 have  been approved the above provincial-level scientific research projects. Scientific research funds are totaling 7.385 million Yuan. 5 inventions are patented, 2 utility models are patented. The school has undertaken international academic conference twice and the national academic conference seven times, inviting 77 experts home and abroad to give lectures. Between 2000 and 2004, the school had been named the University-Level Advanced Unit of Teaching Management four times. The Party General Branch of the School has been named the Advanced Party General Branch three times successively by Dalian College Working Committee and the University Party Committee since 2009.