School of Management

    School of Management was established in October 2003, which is combined by former Information Department and the Economics Teaching-research Section of School of Political Science and Law. It improves teaching and scientific research level, accelerates the construction of academic degree and enhances overall strength rapidly.
    There are five undergraduate majors: Library Science, Public Utilities Management, Electronic Commerce, Labor and Social Security, Information Management and Information Systems. There are six master's degree authorization centers, which are Management Science and Engineering, Business Management, Library Science, Information Science, Archival science, and Political Economics in which Management Science and Engineering, Business Management, Library Science, Information Science, Archival Science are the first level disciplines. Our school can also award MPA degree. Five Teaching and Research Sections are set up for the majors of Public Utilities Management, Labor and Social Security, Library Science, Electronic Commerce, Information Management and Information Systems. There are two teaching centers for MPA and Management Lab. There are 46 people on the staff, including 38 full-time teachers, among whom there are 7 professors, 15 associate professors, 12 young and middle aged teachers with Ph.D and 5teachers working on their Ph.D. In addition, our school managers have employed scholars, experts, entrepreneurs with rich management experience as part-time professors.
    In the aspect of science research, management school has solid foundation and strength. These years, it conducted and participated in 15 national projects, more than 100 provincial projects and 5 international cooperative projects. The teachers have published more than 30 academic monographs and more than 500 papers in the core journals home and abroad.
Our school insists on the guiding ideology of giving priority to disciplines construction and make teaching, scientific research as the auxiliary to run school. It fuses the new training modes of wide base, high quality, special skill, wide adoption into cultivating innovative management talent and serving economic construction and development.
    According to rigorous, pragmatic, pioneering and innovative management concept, the school promotes to combine the internationalization management research with localization management practice to establish education management, research and application platform with the close combination of school, enterprise and government closely. It strives to establish the high-level and modern management school by setting up leading disciplines and meeting the need of social development.