School of Continuation Education

    School of Continuation Education in Liaoning Normal University began in 1960. Adult Education school was established in 1990, it was renamed School of Continuation Education in 2001. For years, it insists on carrying out the Party’s education policy, serving the basic education and economic construction, uniting corporately and forging ahead, which makes substantial progress, enjoys good reputation in the society, and is awarded several times the Excellent Education Unit. It became the only National Excellent Institution among general colleges in Liaoning Province in National Adult Higher Education Evaluation in 1997. It took the first place in the Adult Higher Education Teaching Process Evaluation of Liaoning Province in 2001. It became the Excellent Institution on Adult higher Education Working Level Evaluation in Liaoning Province in 2007. It was awarded the Higher Education Self-study Examination Advanced Community in Liaoning Province in 2002. In 2004,it was awarded Higher Education Self-study Examination Demonstration Community by the Ministry of Education. In 2006, the school was named Advanced Host College in Higher Education Self-study Examination in Liaoning Province and Liaoning Province Outstanding Teaching Community for Education for Primary and Secondary School teachers during the 10th Five Year Plan Period. In 2007, it won honorable title of the National Higher Education Self-study Examination Advanced Community. For many years, it has been awarded Advanced Education Unit in Running School by Social Forces in Dalian.
    School of Continuation Education aims at being responsible for students, the society and the reputation of school and insists on running school with the standard of high quality, multiple levels and channels. There are several running forms such as adult higher curricula education, self-study examination, vocational qualification training and some other kinds of short-term trainings, ranging more than 40 professional courses. It Launches test places of national English Grade Test, National Computer Grade Test, National Cambridge English Test for Young Learners, Computer Test for Professional Technicians Promotion in Liaoning Province. In 2000, it becomes the base for training national primary and secondary core teachers. To run smoothly and develop healthy, the school takes standardized teaching management, student management and living service management, at the same time, it continues to improve the running conditions. Teaching buildings which is about ten thousand square meters have been used since 2001 are equipped with advanced computer rooms, multimedia rooms, audio rooms and automatic office working system.
     Adult further education is the important part of modern educational system and our school undertakings, and it is the significant bridge to connect lifelong education system and learning society. With the high-speed development of science and technology revolution in modern times, completing lifelong education system, developing adult and further education, establishing learning society have become the new trend of education reform in the world. From now on, under the correct guide of the party and the state, the school will develop toward the direction of modernization, information, high-level, high grade, and high quality, continuing to carry forward the unity, pioneering, pragmatic and efficient style. To keep pace with the times and create glory again, our school will contribute to the basic education and economic construction.